At Aria Lase, we effectively treat all skin types, all year long, removing unwanted hair permanently. 

We thrive for customer satisfaction and pride ourselves in having only the highest skilled and experienced laser operators.

Our professional staff will assist you along your course of laser hair removal treatments so as to effectively achieve the desired permanent results.

Book your appointment at Aria Lase and get silky, smooth and hair free skin for life.


Aria Lase is the leading provider of laser aesthetic services in Cyprus specializing in laser hair removal and laser skin tightening. We utilize state of the art laser technology from the world’s leading laser manufacturers. We thrive in providing our customers only the best laser hair removal services at the most affordable pricing. Our professional and friendly staff are highly skilled and always make sure each of your visit is a smooth and pleasant experience. Aria Lase is an American ethos company where customer satisfaction is our main priority. Since founded in 2012 we have evolved to an internationally recognized brand and this would not be possible without our loyal clientele and well proven permanent results.

Laser Hair Removal

How does it work?

Aria Lase offers effective laser hair removal treatments for all Fitzpatrick skin types. The procedure is safe, fast and painless with permanent results. Laser hair removal works by targeting the laser beam on to the area with unwanted hair. Heat generated by the laser beam is absorbed by the chromophore melanin/pigment found in the hair and penetrates down to the hair follicle which is in turn destroyed preventing further growth. This is the most effective way of removing unwanted hair as well the most recommended treatment for ingrown hair and razor bumps.

Although results vary from person to person and depend on factors like skin type, hair color/thickness and age, most of our clients see a reduction in hair growth of up to 80% from the very first treatments.

With Laser hair removal your skin will look younger, feel smooth like silk and most importantly hair free! Now join the #noshaveclub and show off those legs!