Laser Skin Tightening / Photo Rejuvenation

Laser skin tightening treatment uses an intense beam of light which penetrates deep into the skin and delivers a controlled amount of energy. Heat generated by the energy beam is absorbed by the collagen cells which in turn create contractions within the collagen. This creates a good prospect of a firmer and tighter skin. Face, décolleté and abdomen are the most common areas that benefit from this treatment. For best results a minimum of 3-5 sessions is recommended as well as weekly workouts and good hydration

Face €50

Neck/Décolleté €30

Abdomen €60

Face + Neck/Décolleté €70

Face (3 Sessions) €120

Abdomen (3 Sessions) €140

Face + Neck/Décolleté (3 Sessions) €160



Candela GentleMAX Pro - Skin Tightening

Laser skin tightening and rejuvenation with the GentleMAX Pro is a unique treatment. Using ND-Yag laser wavelengh, energy is delivered deep into to the tissue which is absorbed by collagen cells causing them to contract. This promotes active stimulation of  new collagen production which gives the skin its tone and elasticity.

FAQ Laser Skin Tightening